Madrid – Santander – Plymouth

Due to the breakdown of my car and having to return to the UK prior to a completed diagnostics of the problem, I was forced to hire a car in Madrid. The hire seemed simple enough, though time was tight because now, I only had 4 hours to drive from Madrid to Santander. Upon vehicle collection, trusted TomTom told me that I would have 20 minutes to spare once I arrived at the docks. Unfortunately, there was a major accident on the E-5 North-East of Madrid and this delayed things somewhat. Fortunately, my right foot can be heavy and the very able Kia Ceed was pushed to the near limit of mechanical failure and total engine destruction. To make things worse, once at Santander, the car needed to be dropped off at the airport following which, a crazy fast taxi ride ensued to the docks with a mere 10 minutes spare prior to gate closure.

Plymouth was the next stop with the journey between, fortunately without further misfortune. Once at Plymouth, it was another hire car for the rest of the journey.

I have since had the car inspected further and unfortunately, in the UK the charges for rectification are even greater.