My Electric Wiring Has Retired

It’s a delightful thing being a home owner, and it’s even better when you don’t know what the hell has occurred in that home in past times, and therefore provides many an unexpected surprise.

My electrics are dicky and I mean dicky big time. On occasions I feel it’s Christmas Day with the flashing lights around a tree. On, off, on, off the lights go and then, off they stay. Today, there is a little puddle around my freezer as it thaws and there with be a thud and yelp moaned from my lips during the hours of darkness, should I not arrange a guide rope to my friendly torch. The electrics have now died and some are cremated already.

Much of my house is made of stone and the electrics are from the stone age believe me. The old and original part of the property has a power supply and I suspect, it was installed before the birth of our good lord. There is an electric meter and a consumer unit, plus the initial big and lumpy fuse that’s probably fitted with an old Portuguese dinero coin to maintain the circuit. The consumer unit has two switches, one marked luz and the other, pontos de poder. The luz supply side feeds part of the lighting in the old house and a couple of power points plus, it seems the water pump. Luz does not necessarily mean light it appears. 

The pontos de poder side feeds one power point and then the main house, all on a single cable that would kill a few rats if chewed. In part of the old house, now, some of the ceiling lights fail to work as is the case with a power point.

Junction Box

The main house, built in the seventies upon and around part of the old house, is rather delightful, even if I say so myself. Here, exists the major electrical faults. It is major as cables etc. are not easily accessed. Now, all but one power point in the kitchen have kicked the bucket. The ceiling light has failed also. Some of the hall lights have died and most of the low level power points too. The upper floor is not so bad, but there again, few outlets exist anyway. As I write this, I think of the garage, an area I have not yet checked.

Kitchen Power Point

I have a torch and a yard long supply of batteries and between my portable luz and I, great investigation has been undertaken upon a rickety ladder to church height ceilings. I have concluded I don’t know what, as all is such a mess and buried within thick stone walls and concrete floors and ceilings. I have discovered one thing though my investigations, there is a break in the negative supply at some point or other. Also, many junction box screws were loose and a few wires have been fried oil free.

This post I’ve also categorised under comedy as I’m sure there must be something funny, amusing or hilarious about this latest incident.

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  1. You should have na differential switch (300 mA) to protect against indirect contact hazards and a counter These 2 devices generally belongs to the electrical company supplier. Then a small electrical board with mini circuit breakers usually 10 A to lighting circuits and 15A to power circuits. Each circuit breaker shouldn’t have more than 8 loads (ie 8 lamps or luminaires or light fittings ; 8 power socket inlets) Remember specific loads such as electrical pump motor must have it’s own circuit and the same for electrical oven , etc . Sometimes in old installations the owners do it themselves and against the rules using the closest circuit instead of using the correct one (Light , general power or specific load) Your contract with the elect supplier should mention the single phase or three phase system, also the “potência contratada” ex : 3,45 kVA ; 6,9 kVA or 10,35 kVA ;etc

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