My Home – Going, Going, Gone!

The 7th October 2013 was a big day for me as was the build up with the packing and all. This day saw the end of 28 years of living in the same house. It was a house that became a home, and then when emptied of all my possessions, became a house again. It’s funny in some ways, as it is not the bricks and mortar that make the home, but the combination of that and what is within. But also, so much more, the loving care and attention bestowed upon the house to make it a home, the life that has been within. The laughter, tears, the love.

Now the deeds are signed, sealed and delivery, should I remain within, I’d be a trespasser. How odd I should think like this as never before, would I have done so.

I remained in the house following the call from the estate agents saying that there had been completion on the deal. The agents had the keys to give to Terry, the new owner. However, I could not just leave and decided to wait for Terry and welcome him into his new home. I moved my car from its usual place of rest so that when Terry arrived, he had his space immediately. I bet he felt good. I know I did all those years ago.

Upon Terry’s arrival, I welcomed him at the door and allowed him first entry. My wait was so I introduce him to the place I knew like the back of my hand. I’ll not dwell here, suffice to say, all went well and I departed for the final time.