My Research – All Wrong

I’m not argumentative, just interested

I do seem to like investigating areas and place names. At the moment, I’m living near Miranda do Corvo, Coimbra and it got me thinking about where the name may have originated from. There is one suggestion as listed in Wikipedia, that to my mind, seams unlikely in part and maybe, even misleading. It is suggested that Miranda do Corvo literally means “View over the Corvo River.”

On occasions whilst doing translations in Goolge I noticed that corvo was coming up as crow.  Crow as in bird and I checked a proper Portuguese dictionary and that said crow or raven. Another internet source suggests that Miranda is a habitational place name from places in Spain and Portugal called Miranda. That is the case here in Portugal as that’s the name I’m investigating. The source also suggests that the derivation of the place name Miranda is uncertain and that it may be of pre-Roman origin, or from Latin miranda ‘view’, ‘outlook’.

Now given the above investigation, we can suspect that Miranda could very easily mean view or outlook. Do of Miranda do Corvo means of the or from the and Corvo means Crow or Raven. Put together it seems logical that the name says – view of the raven or translated Miranda do Corvo.

The listing in Wikipedia says that the literal translation is ‘view of the Corvo River’ but as yet, I’ve not found a Corvo River only the Rio Dueça. Further, surly if the literal translation is ‘view of the Corvo River’, Miranda do Corvo would be named,  Miranda do Rio Corvo. The reason I’ve questioned the name, is that Rio does not suggest a literal translation.

My Research – All Wrong – Perhaps I should step down

I’m happy to be corrected and given the following fact I just discovered, I will be. However, seeing as I wrote this piece, I’ll still post it. This blog’s just for fun and not necessarily factual apart from my personal life experience, plus I’ve listed the post as comedy also. Go on, have a laugh at my chain of thoughts.

FACT O rio Dueça ou Corvo é um rio português, afluente do Ceira. Nasce no concelho de Penela e desagua no rio Ceira na vila de Ceira. A maior parte do seu percurso de cerca de 46 quilómetros é feito no concelho de Miranda do Corvo , que atravessa.

Ah, what does it matters. I’m having a wonderful time in this country and it’s all about learning something new every day.

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