My Tomatoes and Other Fruits

It’s not all housework and decorating as, and no big deal for most, but I always wanted to grow my own fruit and vegetables and now, am doing so. To me, it is a big deal and most satisfying where I derive great pleasure from popping into the garden and picking my own produce.

I was very lucky with the property I bought because there already exist an abundance of fruit trees. I have apricots, peaches, various oranges, nectarines, grapes, an assortment of apples and pears along with two types of plumbs plus other fruits that I’ve not yet determines. Also, there are two cherry trees that were devastated by the birds, Blackbirds I’m lead to believe. This happened whilst I was away from Portugal. Never mind, the birds have to eat also. Fig trees, of which there are four, are coming alone well also and the loquats, well again, I missed most of then due to my absence. I was hoping to make some jam from them.

Next year, things will be different and I’ll be better prepared or so I hope. The grapes are looking good. Both red and white and it seems the white are seedless. The tomatoes I grew from seed, just about survived me being away and I truly thought they were goners on my return, even with someone watering the seedlings. I set seeds for three types of tomato. Marglobe as seen in the image. Roma VF that appears to be doing well and also some Cereja that are similar to cherry tomatoes. Can’t tell if they are working out but the plant looks okay. The Roma VF are doing fine. In the case of the well established trees, it’s wonderful that I never needed to purchase the in little form should I have desired to do so. Having them established, has save years of waiting and provided a great deal of fruit now.

I tried my hand at Pimento Yola Wonder. I attempted twice and on both occasions I set the seeds, and on each occasion, it was a failure and nothing what-so-ever developed from many seeds. My first attempt was when it was too cold and on the second, I think the compost was not kept wet enough. I tried my hand at kidney beans and that never worked out either. I discover later that these little fellas don’t like their root disturbed. Next time I can try with that lesson learned. Youtube is a great source of information and has been of endless help with the grapes. Pity that the information on olive trees is not so good.

I was left a ton of fertilizer and had great difficulty in determining what each and every one was for. Thank goodness for the web and I will say, even with the labeling in Portuguese, I have managed to decipher what most of it is for. With that said, I can’t be sure that what I have is any good as I suspect some in not most of it, is probably several years old.

So to finalise with an image. These edibles were watered before I started this post. I don’t want to loose my first attempt at growing one of my favorite fruits. Yes, it is a fruit and not a vegetable as many would argue. One of many.

Finally after many years of want. I grew my own.

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