Weather in March

The weather here in my part of Portugal can be wonderful. In the early part of January I was outside working in the gardens with little on. Towards the latter part of January and into February there was a great deal of rain. Then wonderful sunshine and cloudless sky, so again, came the warmth. Yesterday, the rains were torrential with the ground in puddles absolutely soaking everything. The long grass to my gardens drench my shoes and they take an age to dry, resulting in damp feet for ages.

Did I venture outside yesterday? No. Perhaps, it could be said to have been a near impossibility. Wellington boots are not conducive to easy and free movement on sodden land and are not user friendly if on a ladder or bending down working low. But is it all worth it, what I’m doing? The answer is yes. The rains are good, however much comes, as that’s what keeps this beautiful area green and lush.

My hard work in the gardens is starting to pay off visually. Things are looking better kept and now there is the start of blossom on the trees. I’ve never had a garden and it seems to me that in just a very short time, things can grow in what appears, literally overnight. Of course, that is happening, but at such a rapid rate, truly fascinates me.

There is on my land perhaps forty rose bushes of which all were pruned just a short time ago and already, there is a great deal of bud and leaf growth. Many that read this will know what I mean and hardly find it as fascinating as me. But for me, it is just so. Nature is incredible, as is what the passage of time and the changing seasons result in. It is calming to see nature at work and a delight to behold the unfolding and development of such beauty.