NIF Number Required for 9 Cent Spend.

There are times when there appears to be no logic in how things work here in Portugal. I’ve bought many items for amounts up to perhaps 1200 euros and almost never have I been asked for my NIF number. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a tax identification number associated to those living in Portugal. It is, perhaps a way of tracking what you spend.

Recently, I purchased a recuperado (log burner) from a company called Solzaima. It is an expensive unit costing near on a thousand. On purchasing the unit, I was not required to supply my NIF.

The recuperado is cast iron to a great extent and is to be inset into a raised and setback position. Due to the huge weight of the unit I removed the doors and all inner parts. Even so, it still remained extremely heavy. To the front of the unit, it can be seen that four bolts exist so I contacted Solzaima to enquire if it was okay to remove the bolts and the cast iron front section. They said it was, so I did so.

The removal of the bolts proved to be somewhat difficult due to their tightness and that the allen key type head, of one bolt, would not permit it’s removal. This being the case, I drilled the bolt’s head off. I knew I could do this without damage to anything but the bolt. I succeed. Today I emailed Solzaima requesting replacement bolts. I did think they may sent replacements without charge have previously purchased the unit from them. They were very prompt in the reply as follows. The amusing NIF request can be seen in the communication below.

“Hello Sr Marcelo Martins.

I bought the Focus model as you will see from your records. It is being fitted by the builder now. Because it is very heavy, the front section has been removed. One of the fixing screws was bad. Bolt threads are not good on all 4 fixing bolts. Please is it possible to send me 4 replacements for the Focus model.

Thank you.

Sr Ashley”

“Hello Sr Ashley

Yes it is. Please give me your NIF, taxpayer number, and i send to you the 4 bolts.

They have a cost of 0,09 euros/Un + delivery charges.”
Client support Solzaima

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  1. Ashley, the vendors (shops or companys) here, when issuing a invoice or receipt are obliged by Finanças to fill the client’s NIF number. Sometimes the clients don’t want to indicate that, they put only “consumidor final ” without NIF but small amounts dont need NIF as it appears to be in your case.

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