No Bulldozer on Arrival for My Delivery

Following arrival at the said illegal build in the land of sun and bulldozers, we were delighted to find the property still standing with water and electricity available as on departure. This, needless to say was a good start as some not so far away, in an area called Cantoria, have recently had their water and electricity disconnected. These poor souls had not failed to pay their bills. Oh no, no, no, no. These people live on a small development of just eleven villas if memory serves correct and ten are considered as illegal and hence, their most basic of needs have been deprived of them. You will note that just one remains. This remaining property is that of the developer. It’s most odd that the Spanish developer should remain with power and water and at the same time, be a property considered legal. Just another indication of the huge degree of corruption within the Spanish legal system. Need I say more on that topic apart from those poor Brits have returned to the UK as their Spanish homes are not fit for purpose. Hence, Portugal 4 Me and my continued bashing of Spain – The land of illegal builds and lost hope.

This post is more about our arrival in Zurgena, Andalsia for the imminent arrival of my worldly possessions. These were en-route courtesy of Armishaws International Movers. In a previous post, I wrote, “I can’t fault them to this point and have found the whole team to be very polite”. Now I can confirm that they performed their duties impeccably apart from one or two boxes slightly crushed. Contact number for them is 0800 917 1015.

Armishaws called me on the day of the expected delivery with only the slightest of problems and that being, they were unable to find our property. This is fair enough as with so much illegal building having taken place over the last few years and new roads and tracks having been created, no map can be up to date. Even my TomTom is not able to cope fully.

I received a call from the driver early afternoon to inform me that they were in Zurgena itself and, unable to find us. I was in Llanos Del Peral just four miles away. To save trying to give directions in an area I am less than familiar with, I enquired near enough where they were and asked what their vehicle looked like. Furnished with this information, I proceeded to Zurgena in search of them and upon arrival at the somewhat small area, I found them with the greatest of ease. We were all delighted to meet.

The lorry seemed huge and with trailer. It was a high lorry also. The height concerned me as the short journey back to Llanos Del Peral took in a small and what appears to be, pointless bridge we had to go under. Due to my concerns, we drove in my car to inspect the height of this bridge and possible problems it may create. On approaching the bridge it was noted that no height restriction was given and following this observation and discussing this with a friend called Terry, it was decided that there would be no problem. The delivery went ahead without issue and again, I can confirm that for me, Armishaws performed their duty perfectly.

Hopefully in the not too distant future, the next stage of this move shall be over to Portugal once I have take care of all business activities within the UK. At least, my possessions are the correct side of the English Channel and in storage without charges.