No Smog or Pollution Here

No Smog or Pollution here only the scents of nature. Where I lived in the UK, was considered a village. There was a population of near on twelve thousand. It seemed like a village when I first moved to the area, and the numbers were far smaller. I’d moved from a much more crowded area. At first, I liked the area and it was not busy compared to my previous location.

The village streets, of which there were three, had old shops for the most part. Generally, the shops were run by their owner keepers. As the village began to develop further, my feelings towards it changed to one of tolerance. The privately owned became corporate. Towards the end of my stay in the area, I had begun to detest it. It was on the edge of green belt, and had been devoured by corporate enterprise and high finance to its very detriment. It have become multi-million pound estate agent land in their tweed suites. Even the very prestigious Savills had to be present with their snobbish attitude off refusing to market anything under a million.

Scent of lemon blossom

I can walk around my gardens and smell the various areas from the beautiful fragrance of the lemon tree blossom to the very earth itself. I can smell the moisture and the dryness and I feel there is communication between the trees and between the trees and myself as even in the greatest stillness, I can hear their sounds of growth in creaks and cracks almost like a gentle playing of the drums. I have become so very muck more aware of my surroundings without the distractions of general human activity and I even see the atmosphere like never before.

Basking in the Sun

There is more life in a small area than I ever thought possible. Initially, ants, that seemed an annoyance have become a source of fascination and a point of study. There are countless butterflies and moths and other flying insects. Us humans think we have a busy life, but all told, we a far from alone. The ants have a long hard day and the bees with what appears a more prestigious job of pollination and honey production work endless hours. I dare say there is time for rest also as seen here basking in the sun.

A Garden Full of Pleasurable Sights

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