Not all Portuguese will Be Great

I headed this post by saying that not all Portuguese will be great. We can also say that not all Muslims are bad. Whatever your take on any nationality or religion, there are both good and bad. I have wanted to live in Portugal for a long time now and finally, the dream may have come true. There will be ups and downs, that goes without saying. What I can say so far, is that the people I have met since my arrival, have truly exceeded my expectations.

Initially and before my visit, I was slightly frightened at the prospect of being in a new country, alone, as is the case for me and not being able to speak the language. Now, so far, I can say with hand on heart that all the people I have come across have truly been a delight to have met. It seems that I am not considered an outsider exploiting their country but a person more than welcome in their homeland.

Presently, I am in a place called Pousafoles, Coimbra which is close to a better known area called Lamas.   Pousafoles is a hamlet of perhaps 350 people and I can honestly say that I have been welcomed with open arms. I drive a car that most of the people around here could only dream to own and yet for all, it makes no different. These people truly open their heart and homes to you. Most have almost nothing and yet for all, what they have, they are so willing to share with you. It is almost embarrassing to be in such a situation of receiving from such people. What do you do? How do you repay the hospitality and generosity of such wonderful people?

For me, life is good and perhaps not as easy as some may consider on the surface, without doubt, far better easier than so many people I have met of late. They are extremely hard-working. But having said that, is my life now and in the past truly better than those that now surround me? Perhaps the quality was and is but then again, maybe not in reality and only perceived as such by many. The people that I now mix with possess, I believe, a very special quality and that is one of simplicity and appreciation of the little they have and a loving and loyalty for those around them.

I can be emotional at times and I am more so since I moved to Portugal. Some may say that Portugal in the poor man of Europe where I would disagree if we are to really consider what wealth is. I truly believe that the Portuguese are a very special people with a way of life that could teach many more advanced nations what is and is not important in reality.