Le Harve

I traveled for the UK to France via Portsmouth to Le Harve and I’m finally back in Portugal and it’s wonderful to be here again. On this occasion I travelled in from Salamanca, Spain towards Coimbra and slept in the car just east of Salamanca. I made far greater progress time wise than I’d expected to, having arrived at Le Harve early morning. I never used the motorways to save on cost, besides, had I done so, I would have arrived in the Coimbra area far to early for the accommodation I’d booked.


The following morning I started off again towards my Por2gal and as I’m progressing closer to the border the lands are becoming greener and greener. Far nicer than much of barren Spain. I’m a bit of a green freak and with its arrival, my heart began to literally pound with joy, and I started to become ecstatic. On entering Por2gal and travelling across country, my feelings, became beyond sheer ecstasy. I had become totally engrossed in the incredible beauty that I was visually beholding and I felt, this is where my home should be. The motorways may allow you to travel faster but I feel, much beauty is missed without the winding roads and mountain terrain.

Rio Mondego

Quinta Da Conchada

My second night stop was at a place called Quinta Da Conchada and I can highly recommend it. The coordinates for anyone interested are N 40 20,230 – W 008 12.948. I’d not booked but saw a sign saying hotel so thought I’d go for it. I followed the road for perhaps 2 km and began to think, perhaps the place does not exist any more as there was no sight of it. Thinking this, I continued further so to find a turnaround point and fortunately, then discovered Quinta Da Conchada that did look rather expensive and especially so due to the location looking across part of the Rio Mondego as seen below.

Was it Para Me

I’d come this far so why not inquire about availability and charges. On entering and going to the plush reception desk I said “Ola, do you speak English” it was a relief they did. I inquired about availability and was told yes they did have both a double and single. The cost to me would be a very special 78 euros. Note that on the image above, the charge is marked as 65 euros but I suppose, standing at the reception without a prior booking, creates a premium. I told them this was too expensive just for myself and the price was lowered to a very, very special 40 euros. “That’s good, I’ll take it”. It included breakfast also, so from my point of view, a good deal and yes, a special price now and especially so, having seen the room. In all honesty, it could be said that the place was worth more considering the location and facilities. I would recommend it and I’ve since noted, on booking dot com, it’s rates at 4.7 stars. I would agree with that.

During my stay at Quinta Da Conchada, I decided to contact my host, Natalie, of my future accommodation in the hope that perhaps I could arrive a day early. She was fine with this and asked that I arrive no sooner than 4pm as she was preparing the accommodation following departure of the previous guests.


The next day I checked out of Quinta Da Conchada and headed for Coimbra. I was still well ahead of time for my arrival at Pousfoles so visited Coimbra to pass some time. After such, I headed for Pousfoles still not travelling on motorways feeling confident with Jane, my personal navigator TomTom. Prior to my departure I had ensured that the satnav was updated with the latest mapas. That said, it appears the mapping system is well out of date as a motorway that’s been in existence for four plus years prevented me from following the satnav as directed. After a little difficulty, I found my way into Pousafoles. On entering this hamlet of an estimated 350 people, I became a little concerned with both the very narrow ruas and dilapidated properties. My fears came to nothing on my final arrival where I was greeted outside Nalalie’s property with a big smile. Following, I was shown to my quarters where thankfully, the met my expectations. Below, is part of them along with a garage.