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This site came about because of a dream. It was a dream for a simpler life in a warmer climate, surrounded by nature and not the concrete jungle I had become accustomed to. For me, after much toil and determination, the dream finally became a reality, leading to a renewed and wonderful life in Portugal.

I'm Ashley

Here is an ongoing story, shared to motivate others to fulfil their own dreams, be it to reside in Portugal or somewhere else. A life for the expatiate in this country, is one worth cherishing. It can be a difficult journey to achieve the dream, but once here, the rewards are truly tremendous to say the least.

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Where did this blog and story really begin? As so often the case, it started with a dream, a dream of a more relaxed way of life in retirement. It started well before my anticipated retirement age. In fact, it started in about 2005. At that time, I was running a very successful business and had a partner, friend, and all one could want from life.......

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Experience the Euphoria of Portugal

How is it I can have tears in my eyes? Am I not happy? I came to Portugal to fulfil a dream. Did it all go wrong for me? I ask, what could cause the tears? There is a simple answer. Total ease and complete contentment with my life. We can cry over deaths, disappointments

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Is it a Cognate, Cognac, Puxe, Push or Pull

You may think that your Portuguese speaking ability improves after a few drinks. It may do so within your own mind, but not to those trying to comprehend what you’re saying. So here is a little tipple. Don’t get your Cognac mixed up with the cognate. Too much Cognac will only make you stumble with your

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Blogging Can Be a Challenge

The Journey Can Be Difficult. Sometimes it can be a difficult journey. Sometimes it’s easy and on occasions it all becomes a little confusing. I’m talking about blogging. The writing bit is delightful and easy if not for the odd mistake. Including the images can be fun in their composition to create something original. Blog

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I Found an Alien in My Pipe

There is one thing the Portuguese appear to have difficulty working with. Length – like this – L E N G T H as in long. But bless them for their attempts. So if it’s electric cables or pipes, you’re going to have problems. This leads me onto the question, what is the connection between

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The Portuguese Axeman

They are gone. All those trees I used to hug. Obliterated and now nothing more than harmless stumps in the ground. Stumps that will try to relive but are not permitted to do so because the law says no. Their height has been changed by a murderous chainsaw from trunks to lengths of timber and

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Execution of Death in Portugal

It Ends With Sadness There is to be a death sentence in Portugal. No, I am incorrect, there are to be millions upon millions. The victims are not all together at fault of their own demise. Others, so many others are ultimately responsible and yet, the sentence is against so much innocence. I talk of

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