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This site came about because of a dream. It was a dream for a simpler life in a warmer climate, surrounded by nature and not the concrete jungle I had become accustomed to. For me, after much toil and determination, the dream finally became a reality, leading to a renewed and wonderful life in Portugal.

I'm Ashley

Here is an ongoing story, shared to motivate others to fulfil their own dreams, be it to reside in Portugal or somewhere else. A life for the expatiate in this country, is one worth cherishing. It can be a difficult journey to achieve the dream, but once here, the rewards are truly tremendous to say the least.

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Where did this blog and story really begin? As so often the case, it started with a dream, a dream of a more relaxed way of life in retirement. It started well before my anticipated retirement age. In fact, it started in about 2005. At that time, I was running a very successful business and had a partner, friend, and all one could want from life.......

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Let there Be Light – Sorry, I mean Heat

The present fireplace is not something to be admired and I shall be delighted to see the back of it. Heating from the outset has been a tormentative subject in determining what form to settle on. Having been accustomed to mains gas in the UK, and wet central heating systems, perhaps makes it all the

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The Oasis in My Garden – Bird of Paradise

I have two new family members, well more really as I’ll only count the two I’ve planted in an area I’ve named the oasis patch. It is not a huge area but does have a great deal growing within, and it’s alongside my driveway and contains a few rose bushes, some kind of small palm

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The Rains Have Arrived in Portugal

The weather has been great. But….. For me it has been a wonderful past year here in Portugal. Why? because I’m here. The weather has been incredible, and often, even warmer than the Andalucia area of Spain that’s well know for the beautiful summers. It’s not rained here in Portugal for a considerable time apart

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A Prayer for the Dead

There has been an exceptional number of fires in Portugal this year, and it is truly dreadful that many people have perished in what is probably one of the most horrendous of ways to die. It is perhaps even more so, when in the company of those you love and care about, as you would

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The Insane Brit in Aldeia dos Gagos

On occasions I doubt my own sanity and I’m going through those thoughts now. I’m somewhat obsessed with having a nice garden, a place to relax and enjoy the fruits of one’s labour. A view to feast the eye. Perhaps it all started because I had a hanky size courtyard in the UK. Courtyard is

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Leaks and not those of Leek

I’ve got a brilliant house in a wonderful location with piped water and electric where I could hardly ask for more. There is however one thing that drive me crazy and it’s the poor electrics and constant water leaks. The electric I’ll improve with time, but the water leaks, seem like a big problem with

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