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This site came about because of a dream. It was a dream for a simpler life in a warmer climate, surrounded by nature and not the concrete jungle I had become accustomed to. For me, after much toil and determination, the dream finally became a reality, leading to a renewed and wonderful life in Portugal.

I'm Ashley

Here is an ongoing story, shared to motivate others to fulfil their own dreams, be it to reside in Portugal or somewhere else. A life for the expatiate in this country, is one worth cherishing. It can be a difficult journey to achieve the dream, but once here, the rewards are truly tremendous to say the least.

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Where did this blog and story really begin? As so often the case, it started with a dream, a dream of a more relaxed way of life in retirement. It started well before my anticipated retirement age. In fact, it started in about 2005. At that time, I was running a very successful business and had a partner, friend, and all one could want from life.......

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Clearing Land Portugal – Law Translation

Please satisfy yourself of this Google translation of the Original Law. Law Translation Follows: Law No. 76/2017 of August 17 Amends the National Forest Defense System against Fires, making the fifth amendment to Decree-Law no. 124/2006, of June 28 The Assembly of the Republic decrees, in terms of letter c) of article 161 of the

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The Story of My Sorry Car

Those things that have four wheel and get you from A to B, you know the car, can cause so much trouble in life, and perhaps even more so in Portugal due the the high cost of such luxurious items. I have and still possess my beautiful useless UK registered car in Portugal. It’s useless

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A Story of the Dreaded Eucalyptus of Portugal

My Thoughts: Many people will disagree with me in their thoughts on the Eucalyptus trees growing in Portugal. It is not the tree itself at fault, but the way their almost uncontrolled growth fails to be managed. I love these trees and consider them to be most beautiful, and a part of central Portugal, even

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Learning Portuguese

Become Proficient with a Load of Clocks

I have been looking at myself closely recently, not in the mirror, as on my first admiration, the bleeding thing cracked. No, its been a self diagnosis of my mental health. A self diagnosis was the only real option as being a retard in the Portuguese language, would have left me with further grey matter

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Do the Kids Cut the Earth Wire

Shall I suspect the kids thinking about inheritance, perhaps not, maybe the grand children. I doubt it. Maybe some other relative, or is it a government official with a view to inheritance tax? It’s a mystery in any case. It’s all to do with cables, and in this instance, the earth wire. You know, the

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It’s Hot in Portugal! Is It?

Many will think of the Mediterranean climate one of pure luxury. One of clear blue skies, great brightness and wonderful warmth. This can be the case and is so, for a great deal of time. The UK government felt it to be the case in their money saving exercise, when they cut the winter heating

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