Painting the Metal Railings

Rust Metal Railings

There was a great deal of very rusty metal railings at my property and I thought when I first started this painting job, that it would never end. There was in-ground dirt, flaking paint and rust and even a few little metalwork repair jobs also. A few months ago I purchase a Karcher jetwash that’s beyond the basic model and puts out a fair old punch of pressure. I must say, it has perhaps been the best purchase I’ve made here, apart from garden equipment.

The railings started with a good cleaning to ride them of years of dirt to include mold growth, grease and general atmospheric contamination. They were then rubbed down to bar metal where there was rust and flaking paint. The railings were constantly kept damp where possible as during much of the time I was working in temperatures that were somewhat high. In areas that things were very bad, a metal primer coat was applied and after fully drying, a rust resisting black enamel paint applied. It’s truly been a labour of love and extremely time consuming.

In this instance, should I have paid for the job on an hourly basis, lord only knows what it would have cost. In the case of the paint I purchased, I bought a five litre can as it was on a special meaning I received two litres free. I thought that five litres was way over what I required. Needless to say, it soon goes and along with the property gates, the full five litres is all but gone.

Looking Nice Now

I was asked by someone how much painting I had to do. Just for the fun of it, I did some calculations and here are the results and my reply. Just for a laugh.

Okay sister. I worked out how much metal there was to paint and it works out at 360 metres and that’s without the gates. As much of the metal has four sides that equals 1440 metres. As the brush travels up and down about 4 times per metal piece, that’s 5,760 metres. That is near on 6 km or 3.572 miles. That’s a long way for a brush to travel and it’s still going. If you take it one step further and consider rubbing down the metal we could add perhaps another 1.200 metres. Is it any wonder the job took so long.