I had a Dream

A Relaxing Life in Portugal

With Less Stress

It  Started at My Old Home Perhaps 13 Years Ago

Traffic Night and Day with Little in the way of Garden and Parking

The Journey Began to Live the Dream

It May Not be Easy but Achievable in Small Steps

For Me – The Dream Came True

Finally a Home in the Sun with Land

The Lower Hallway and Marble Staircase

One of the Bedrooms

A Huge Garage for a Tractor and Car

What Delights Me Most is the Important Part – Outside

A Washing Facility to Keep Me Fit

Part of the Garden with Olive Trees

Vitamin C Supplement

The Day I Got a Washing Machine and was Slumming it in the Carport

The Driveway

Leading from the Driveway

My Other Section – Orange Grove Opposite

My Part of a Pine Forest Beyond That

Night Has Come and Here is the View

There is a New Dream for Me

And So the Story Begins Again

There is a story here in these images and words for others to consider. I wanted it, others have too. I managed it, those others also. I hear people say, that’s what I want to do and never do anything about it. If you want something, sum up the pros and cons and if it really appears feasible, go for it. Only when you are really, very determined and wish for something enough, will you make it through the difficult times. You will have them I can assure you.

Make your dreams become a reality and then you will truly appreciate what you achieved. When done, the true joys become tremendous because you won through thick and thin, and don’t be deterred if you’re alone. I am.

For me, I can assure all, it has not been easy, far from it, but I followed my heart and never gave up on the dream of so long ago. If I had, I would always have the, what if question in the back of my mind and I would never know the answer.

To a special follower of this blog ‘João’. Thank you for your support in my next endeavour of speaking Portuguese.

The Future

Now to enjoy the outside world after perhaps being stuck within a building or car for possibly in excess of 50 years. This morning, I saw a Thrush and I could hardly believe my eyes as I’d forgotten they even existed. I’m suprised I even remembered their name. A couple of days ago, it was a fox that padded its way across the garden. The wheel barrow I’ll be using a great deal and it’s possibly traveled many kilometers and still remains fit for purpose. It’s squeaky, I am too.