The Portuguese Axeman

They are gone. All those trees I used to hug. Obliterated and now nothing more than harmless stumps in the ground. Stumps that will try to relive but are not permitted to do so because the law says no. Their height has been changed by a murderous chainsaw from trunks to lengths of timber and then into logs to be used as fuel for heat. It seems a sad end to something that was living. A sad end to something in the prime of its life. Perhaps with time, I’ll fully appreciate the logic of the laws imposed and maybe, witness new life forms emerge around and within the devastation I now see.

There are many logs that litter the ground they once lived upon, and now they need to be prepared for their ultimate journey to the fireplace. I have the axe and the will but, lack the ability to chop safely into usable pieces or so I feel. It is easy for those that have done this for years and done so in small quantities and learned the tricks of effective axe use. I am white collar so to speak, and live alone here, and having tried, fear the consequences of an accident that could create many complications when there is so much to chop.

Log Cabin Not Required

The solution was potentially overkill for what is perhaps a small job required but lessens the possibility of personal injury. It is a log splitter, yet another unexpected expense but, there is an upside.

All around me I see elderly people chopping wood by hand in my tiny hamlet I call home. There are so few of us here and my neighbour at 92 years of age continues to chop with the axe. It is sad, very sad because I know he needlessly suffers pain when he undertakes the job. Needlessly now, because I have the equipment to make his life just a little easier.

My neighbour is a proud man who would not request its use but offers much for no reward. It is an item I’ll use seldom and to ease his pride, I’ll wheel the equipment to him and park it in his driveway and then, perhaps he’ll take the offer of a slightly easier life without having to request. As said, our community is small, so perhaps, others here will feel no shame in the acceptance of a helping hand from a foreigner they appear to accept with open arms.

Another New Toy

Closing Thoughts

It is possibly an odd thing that when people such as me dream of a new life in other places, we fail to fully comprehend the new challenges that await us. There is so much to learn and many things we never thought we’d need or even considered. I never thought I’d be up a ladder picking olives, using a heavy axe or wielding a chainsaw and operating other heavy duty land equipment. It’s all a challenge but enjoyable. 

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