Where did this blog and story really begin? As so often the case, it started with a dream, a dream of a more relax way of life in retirement and it started well before my anticipated retirement age. In fact, it started in about 2005. At that time I was running a very successful business and had a partner, friend and all one could want from life. That said, circumstances change and consequently, so does life. I was betrayed by someone I really trusted and at the same time, in 2008, business took a nose dive and things looked far from rosy. This said, life goes on and as I always say, from this point on, our dreams continue and so they did.

I continued with business in the hopes that the economy would improved but, being in a business that can be called one of extravagant luxury, things improved very little and therefore became less than economically viable to continue much further into the future. Realising the reality of the situation, I made the decision to sell my home of 27 years and cease trading once I found a buyer for the property and take early retirement. It was a decision I made with the greatest of sadness as I truly love what I do and did.

The initial dream was to move to Spain, a place not truly my first choice but one considered as both parents and sister live there. They each have their own separate villas and both were off plan and purchased about ten years ago in the Andalusia area or to be more precise, Zurgena, Almeria. Now Spain and and the thought of Spain sickens me and the reason for this, is that both their properties are considered as illegal builds and constantly under the threat of demolition due the the hugely corrupt Spanish. And to make matters worse, the demolition at the owners expense. I can never say anything good about Spain and have a total distrust for it as a nation.

In some ways the building problems in Spain have done me a huge favour as due to my resentment towards Spain and its officials, I have no desire to reside there, let alone spend money within a corrupt nation. Harsh thoughts one may think, but well justified in my view.

The above tells some but it fails to say why the blog was started. On the whole, I consider myself to be a private person for the most. Even so, having read so many other blogs in recent years, and in particular, some related to others that have moved to Portugal, I decided to share my experiences on this new venture in life and basically tell it like it is as the story unfolds. Perhaps others will both enjoy and learn something from what develops.