Spain vs Portugal – Not in Sport

Ihave to confess I was pleasantly surprised over how I felt during my visit to Spain. This is not to say my mind has been changed over Portugal 4 Me. All in all, I’m sure I would be much happier in lower Central Portugal. The climate, greenery, rolling hills, trees, mountains and beautiful country lanes and the like. And maybe most of all, the people and simpler way of life.

I’m a person that appreciated the more simple things in life and fortunately, I only have myself to please. The one thing I dread is learning the Portuguese language and to date, I must admit with shame that I have devoted little time to this. This will change. I also understand that life will not necessarily be a bed of roses at all times and, I do know that some particular aspects of Portuguese life and the systems in the country, can be extremely infuriating at times and particularly so, with paper shuffling and dealing with officials.

My Thoughts on Spain

I have said much about Spain and for those that may have started following this blog or my other writing on various Portuguese forums and the like, may have noted I harbor a fair degree of resentment towards Spain, its legal officials and the legal system itself. I pity those that have become tied up in the legal battle over properties to which, honest hard working folk have ploughed their hard earned saving into, for no other reason than to fulfill a dream. There is nothing wrong in that. The country as a whole has taken and remains to do so, from so many expats, taxes and other monies and to my mind, falsely and since, declared their homes, illegal. This is totally immoral and most definitely cruel and uncalled for. Spain has created this problem but they lack the common decency to rectify the situation.

Nobody can say that hundreds of thousands of properties could have been build without it being known that these places were without proper authorisation, organisation and with everything above board. This simply would not have been possible. The Spanish as a nation have allowed this to happen. They have accepted the money of countless foreigners to enrich themselves personally and environmentally structurally. The have reaped the benefits of external funds in countless ways and now they, to my mind, reject and turn their backs on the very people that have permitted the country as a whole to flourish.

Years ago I had no issues with Spain, none what-so-ever. I had no reason to. Then in about 2003 both my parents and sister bought off plan properties in Zurgena, Andalsia. These are opposite each other. In about 2007, both of the properties were declared as illegal builds where my father has since died not knowing if matters were ever resolved. Neither my Mother or sister are particularly wealthy and such treatment from the Spanish can’t be justified in any way what-so-ever. Hence, my resentment.