Here is a drawing of my dentist. Trying to cover all angles and avoid potential future problems, I thought I’d have a dental checkup before my big trip to Portugal. It may not be overly interesting to readers, but it’s a warning, and considering I started this blog to chart my move to Portugal, and for others to read and perhaps learn from, some may consider this a precaution to take, and therefore, appreciate the reminder.

There is one thing I hate and that’s visiting the dentist but on this occasion I thought it would be sensible as, even though I’ve had some serious dental works undertaken over the last two years, I’ve not had a proper spit and polish where, as of late, have suffered minor gum bleeds.

Presently, having sold my home in the UK, I’m living something of a nomadic lifestyle travelling around the UK and residing, here there and everywhere. This does not bode well with dentists or doctors, or the post for that matter. Consequently, seeing a new dentist from time to time in various counties entails the usual initial consultation, then the checkup and last but not least, the hygienist. On this occasion, I’m please I visited as I discovered I had a gum infection where hopefully, that’s sorted so will not now cause problems whilst in Portugal. I would not have liked that, as I don’t speak the language. The moral of the story is. If in doubt, visit the dentist before an extended visit abroad. It could save a great deal of pain and or trouble.