The Garage Door is Repaired

My garage door has been a problem from start to finish. I attempted to rid the old paint and rust and eventually gave up the ghost. The facing panels were too far gone to achieve a quality finish. As such, I decided to replace the steel sheet panels. I ordered them only to find that the shop keeper, wanted to charge 30 euros to deliver five km away. I’ll call him Mr Greedy from now onwards. I was not having that, so put the three two by one metre panels on the car roof and drove, at twenty miles an hour down the country lanes. No police I’m delighted to say and money saved towards the original cost of vehicle roof bars.

There was another problem in so much as when the door was slid open, it would catch slightly on the inner wall resulting in damage to the painted front side. I had a welder visit with a view to having the supporting brackets moved to allow more space between the areas where more would be beneficial. A date to undertake the work was agreed. It came and went and there was no sign of the welder. If one wishes to do the job, please do turn up. If not interested, do say. It should be that simple in business.

Prior to the welder’s supposed visit, I replaced the panel to the integral doorway of the main garage door. To do this, removal of the complete garage door was required or that was my thinking anyway. I’ve since learnt different. This was another problem as what appears to be lightweight, was anything but, and I almost receive hernia prior to death, as I was slowly sinking underneath the weight while lowering pivot fashion, the whole cumbersome thing to the floor. Once lowered and following a rest, I was able to undertake the repairs to the parts in question. After finishing the inner doorway, I replaced the whole wretched thing to its upward operational position to await the arrival of no-show welder man.

After giving no-show welder man more than enough time, I came to the conclusions that first, he never would appear, and second, if the supporting brackets were not moved, then the next best alternative was to remove a tiny amount of render from the wall. This I did using the side on an angel grinder blade, and it worked a treat removing perhaps three millimeters. As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat and especially so, with an angel grinder and determination. Saved me money on the welding job. No repeat business for him and sorry about the cat.

There were complications altering the oversize panels. This, I managed to solve with metal shears resulting in a wavy line or, a metal grinder that was taking far too long with hundreds of billions of sparks. Something like the ‘Big Bang Theory’ perhaps. The way forward was a jigsaw resulting in a jagged edge cut. That worked, when followed by the metal grinder, a fine file and to end, emery cloth to make safe the razor sharp edges. It was good I had some spare width on the sheet material to experiment with.

The garage door is completed now and back in place, working a treat. It’s removal had become easier as I did so, following removal of the integral door first, perhaps making the main part, 20% lighter. Now, I just need to paint the rivets and steel frame surround around the integral door and it’s a job completed give or take. Perhaps some additional protection to the bottom edge would be beneficial long term.

The door looks good in my eyes and I remain without having suffered cardiac arrest, hernia or crushed nuts. The lower front elevation of the house still requires much work as can be seen in part, but that’s a work in progress and it’s rewarding to see the fruits of one’s own labour. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day and as is fact, it still continues. Below is before much hard work by a none youngster but not an old fart – yet.

The repaired garage door

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