The Gates were Rotten

The gates were rotten is the title to this post. They were not rotten falling apart but looked rotten and did have a hole in one area. There was a padlock used to secure the driveway gates. Neither the catch worked or the incorporated lock. It was a pain in the bum as always, the padlock would be required to keep the gates from swinging open. That’s changed now following tons of elbow grease and what seemed like countless hours and mega amounts of chemical paint stripper.

Like the railings to the property balconies I started by cleaning the gates well to include the brickwork either side. I applied paint stripper to everything and almost anything. Eventually all started to fall into place with an originally bent upper bar straightened, the correct operation of the catch and then a working key lock with an application of WD40 in, down and around every hole in sight.

Painting the gates presented a new problem and due to such, only permitted painting to be undertaken at set times of the day. Early morning, the humidity was too high, according the the paint manufactures data sheet. Late morning, through to mid afternoon it became too hot so the paint applied, was like tar in consistency after the brush and paint pot warmed. Later in the afternoon there are the winds that blow up dust from the lane just beyond the driveway. From about 6pm until perhaps 8pm was a good time but then, caused a glare due to the Sun angle at the later hour. That made paint application difficult also. Even with these problems, they now look good. Still, it took many days work and lots of jet washing.

As one gets older, they become aware that they are not so agile and laying on my side at times doing the real low parts was painful to say the least. I can’t say how many coats of old paint I removed, but it was thick and included green, blue, black, white and red. They started looking like crap and now, they almost look like new. There was one small problem, where perhaps I cheated in that I did have to do some filling with car body filler.

There is not a great deal one can say about painting gates to create an interesting post. However, I must say that these Portuguese folk sure are smart and will adapt where needed. What I discovered is that the gates are created so they become wider than original and also higher so in effect, each gate has been created from two major additions and alterations. Try to get that done in the UK.

Gates look wonderful