The House Movers Came and Went

It is very strange that when one moves home they consider that they have so much hard work to do unless you are prepared to have the complete move, including the packing, undertaken by the experts.

Me for one am always happy getting my hands dirty and feet wet. Hay ho, I forgot that I’m not as young as I once was and needless to say, the older bones and muscles pain here, there and everywhere. All this pain started with a plan, a plan to escape and seek a better life.

The house as some may know was sold and then the movers actioned. Actioned, actioned. I thought that in these days on instant communications, emails, pdf and word documents it would be a snip sorting the move. Just like solicitors, perhaps not quite so bad, removal companies take their time. The days tick by and completion of sale looms closer and still nothing is confirmed. Sorry, their charges were. Date for the move – well maybe, perhaps, we’re very busy at this time of year is all I seemed to hear. Finally, the date was set to 30th September. 30th came and I waited, hoping they would arrive, failing such, plan B would have to unfold. Needless to say, they arrived.

Hard work. I thought that I’d done some but, when I watched those two very polite men from the removal company humping box after box after box, I though, err, perhaps I don’t have it so hard after all.

So far, apart from the removal company (Armishaws) being a bit slow in communications, I can’t fault them – TO THIS POINT – and have found the whole team to be very polite.

As mentioned, the movers came and left and now I’m left with a near empty house, a thin mattress as a bed, few pieces of cutlery, plates or anything for that matter. All that remains over the next few days is to clean the house from top to bottom for Terry the new owner. Poor Terry, I hope he does not mind a noisy road.