It has been some time since my last post and I’ve been disappointed with myself for not being able to keep things up to date. The last few months have had their ups and downs with one major problem being the lack of an internet connection. Until a short time ago, I had none so to speak with only sporadic connections at best without set time or reason.

In some ways, a great deal has happened and in others, very little. Whilst in the Gois area, I met some wonderful people and some, that weren’t, but all in all, I can’t complain as my time there, was one for learning and finding a footing in Portugal. I have that footing now and as each and every day passes, I feel more and more established in my new homeland country.

I spent some of my time in the Gois area looking at various properties with the hope that perhaps, I’d fine a suitable place to stay long term. It could have been either rented or bought. I was less than lucky in this respect as I’d set myself very specific needs. One of those was to reside on a sizable piece of flat land. The Gois area is not the easiest place to source such flatness being very much up in the mountains. Given this, I spread my wings and looked further afield, southwards towards Tomar, Santarém. This area, is known for its beautiful fertile lands and is very different to the Gois, Coimbra area at just 90 km south. Here, I soon discovered was my future area, but where exactly was the new beginning. It has been found and I shall reveal more in a short time. But for now, the image above is from my bedroom window.