The Oasis in My Garden – Bird of Paradise

I have two new family members, well more really as I’ll only count the two I’ve planted in an area I’ve named the oasis patch. It is not a huge area but does have a great deal growing within, and it’s alongside my driveway and contains a few rose bushes, some kind of small palm tree, a couple of skinny trees yet to be defined. There is also beautiful ground cover and apple mint that I’ve neglected over the past year. Now the rains have returned, the area will soon look every bit as good as ten months ago, even if the weeds do return.

Having a huge area of land and not having been in Portugal for three earlier months this year, some parts went to rack and ruin. In fact, much did with tremendous growth of everything in sight. All in all, I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of work required, and if I’m to be honest, I’ve been rather disorganised due to not being able to truly focus on any one area or project. This, to some extent has come about due to the enormity of the whole, where I’ve found myself having to constantly flit from one thing to another. I have now decided to concentrate on two main areas and to hell with the rest for the moment.

Bird of Paradise

Family members I said earlier, those are my plants, they are living after all, and with me, so family members they are. Today I purchased from my local Sunday market a magnificent Bird of Paradise plant, otherwise know as a Strelitzia reginae. It is a monocotyledonous flowering plant indigenous to South Africa. I first saw one of these on Facebook and fell in love with its beauty. This, having seen one today, I have planted in my oasis area and is at 40 inches. I also planted on a Yucca Elephantipes otherwise known as a Spineless Yucca or Stick Yucca. This is at 30 inches. The dimensions are for my own reference so as to monitor their growth rate. One soon forgets.

Yucca Elephantipes

I’m hoping that their placement is appropriate for their potential growth. I undertook some research on this and their light requirements. The Bird of Paradise will receive full sun and is recommended too for greater flower blooms. The Yucca is happy with some shade and is placed where there is a degree of shade prior to noon or a bit later. The Bird of Paradise is an absolutely spectacular plant that is well named and on seeing them at the market, it was a must have. The Yucca, I’ve had great success with in the UK, so it was also an addition to the oasis area and perhaps will become a focal point.

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