The Rains Have Arrived in Portugal

The weather has been great. But….. For me it has been a wonderful past year here in Portugal. Why? because I’m here. The weather has been incredible, and often, even warmer than the Andalucia area of Spain that’s well know for the beautiful summers.

It’s not rained here in Portugal for a considerable time apart from a short burst. That burst was very short lived but will have been welcomed by the garden lovers and those in the agricultural business. It was however just a drop in the ocean compared to what was required. It has not all been wonderful as on the other hand, many have not felt or been so fortunate in their feelings towards the climate as of late. That includes me also in many some respects.

The good weather is like a coin and has two sides. The other side is the damage such intense heat and lack of rain has helped to create. Not to forget the deaths brought about by the literally endless fires. So many people have died along with animals and other little creatures we share our planet with. Such fires are brought about by nature’s furnace, and as many will know, the totally selfish and irresponsible acts of some and their disposal of cigarettes, litter like glass and similar that can so easily help create these so horrible fire.

There are also those that are so mentally disturbed, they wilfully start fires. How can a sane person comprehend the thinking behind such minds. It does not end there as even worse, is when the firefighter that purposely creates such devastation. It is beyond belief that these so called professionals, having seen the desolation, deaths and heartache first hand and frequently, could even imagine undertaking such detestable acts leaves one to wonder how human nature can tick at times. Praise those men and woman that constantly work in a deadly job to protect life and limb along with the beauty of this county and its other living creatures.

Wet Grass Hopper

The rains have now started and it can only be described as something wonderful. Never before did I appreciate just how much one could wish for the pattering sound of raindrops. It can be understood and appreciated that many a past generation have created and devoted gods, to what so often is cursed. But then, precipitation can be just as destructive.

Perhaps some people that have contemplated making the move to Portugal, will now have been deterred. This should not be allowed to happen as this year, is the exception and it’s taken I think, 87 years to break the record. Portugal has so much to offer and all told, the odds are in your favour.

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