Today is Photo Day – April 22nd 2018

Today is hobby day and photography is my hobby, or one of many. The day started wet and overcast and I decided to write a post about the blossom that shall be presented at some later time. Because the blossom is only on some trees, I decided to photograph what’s there now for a later post. Earlier, whilst out happy as Larry with an active right index finger taking photographs here and there, I developed a brilliant idea. Yes, I’m full of those, but this one is to share with you good or bad folks.

Having not got my gallery sorted on this blog yet, I decided to have what I’ll call “The Photo Day” and on occasions, when I’m fit for purpose, I’ll go merrily along my way and be snap, snap, snappy happy at some place or tuther. Who knows, if I can become organised, perhaps I’ll even develop a theme for each occasion. I hope you like the start.      

Today is Photo Day - April 22nd 2018

The Theme - In My Garden

It Started with a Few Puddles

And the Cherry Blossom Was Left With Tears

There Where More Tears Between the Little Flowers

The inoffensive Weeds Were Delighted for Their Drink

And As Is Warms, The Petals Open

The Brave and Mighty Stand to Attention

Even the Tiny Fellas are Out To Play

All Are Happy Even if Alone

A Wasp Upon A Dandelion As Evening Draws

Colours of the Portuguese Flag

I'm Only A Little Bit Potty

There Is A Surprise For Us

There can be something good in each and everyday. It is only for us to look around us and discover what it is. It is not always obvious at first sight or even thought, but it is there for us to discover even if we are experiencing the greatest of difficulties in our day. There is almost always something we can smile about, even if only a past joyous memory.

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