Unfounded Apprehension

Today I traveled over to Gois, Coimbra, which is where my new home is to be. I was a little apprehensive that having agreed to rent verbally, it would in fact become a reality. I need not have worried as the landlady upon my arrival had the keys ready, and once I had paid the monthly rent of 150 euros, I received a receipt. All the formalities and expenses associated with renting in the UK, where non-existent in this case so I was set to go and received the keys for my next place of residence.

My new home is far from spectacular but at such a low rent, what more could I expect. It is a small place, ideally suited to my needs and is basically a little furnished house consisting of one bedroom, a sitting room, dining room come kitchen and bathroom. There is also parking available outside the property. Heating will be via log fire and the hot water is by bottled gas. Upon receiving the keys and entering, in an odd sort of way, I was truly thoroughly delighted that this new place, even though very basic, I could and would call home for the foreseeable future. After a short time, I left after supplying the current electric and water meter readings to the landlady as requested.

Where I am at this very moment, I agreed to rent for a month through Airbnb and could not fault it in the slightest and I would love to stay, but financially, it is not possible long term. It is as I’ve said before in a tiny hamlet called Pousafoles, Coimbra and upon my return today from Gois, I was unable to enter the property garage so parked my car just down the road and walked back to the house. I don’t know why and perhaps it’s simple because I’ve now discovered the real Portugal and village life and people, I’ve become very attached to this place and its truly delightful people. Anyhow, upon my short walk back to the property, I was once again invited to join someone for vinho and so agreed feeling truly welcome as usual. Let me say yet again, these people are truly exceptional in their hospitality and again, I’ll say, I thoroughly enjoyed my invitation .

Such comments as above may not appear of great importance to some but I started this blog to chart the journey of my new life in Portugal for others to discoverer and this I’m doing. On a side note, I would like to say that one of my blog followers is a person called João and I am delighted to have him as a follower where he has corrected me in the use of Portuguese on a previous post. Thank you João and please understand that always, I’ll reply sooner or later where an internet connection is possible. Bom Dia João e Muito Obrigado.