Was Getting a Fiscal Number Problematic

Here is a post that may help others with this question in gaining a fiscal number. I, in person went to the local finance office in Miranda Do Corvo, Coimbra district seen above. I did this without an appointment. I’m pleased to say that I was seen within 10 minutes and received my fiscal number within about another 10 minutes. I’m a UK citizen with a UK passport visiting Portugal.

I have no fixed address at this time in Portugal and arrived late last week. I was asked to produce my passport and nothing else. With the help of a friend to translate I informed the clerk I was just visiting and required the fiscal number to perform financial transactions. There was no problem and I was gone with a fiscal number as I said, in 10 minutes.

Some will say a lawyer or representative is needed. I’d say this is not the case given my experience.

I was a little worried that I may have had problems, but none what-so-ever.