Was Opening a Bank Account Problematic

I posted a previous thread (Was Getting a Fiscal Number Problematic). I did so as until I experienced the undertaking, I was unsure of the process. I entered Portugal on a Friday and had the Fiscal Number the following Monday.

On the same Monday and following receiving my Fiscal Number I visited the local Santander Totta Bank. I’m British and hold a UK passport. On entering the bank I perhaps waited 10 minutes to see a bank representative. Fortunately he spoke some English and I expressed that I wished to open a bank account without being a resident and that I required this as I may need to undertake financial transactions where a bank account was a necessity.

I showed my passport, proof of UK address via the logbook on my car and also my new Fiscal Number. Much computer entering was undertaken of my details. Perhaps 20 minutes later I left following being asked to return the next day (today) for the process to be completed. Today, I returned and saw the same gentleman immediately. I was informed that due to him being busy, the process was not completed. I was asked to return in 30 – 45 minutes which I did. On returning again I did not need to wait. I then discovered the bureaucracy of Portugal and Brussels and signed about 25 documents at which point the process of opening the bank account had been completed. I paid in 150 euros as an initial deposit and have internet access to the account. A UK address is used for the account and the credit and debit cards will be sent to my temporary Portuguese address. I could have collected them at the bank where this would have cost 5 euro per card so a total of 10 euro.

The account is a Santander 123 and I can say that I had no problems in opening the account at Miranda Do Corvo, Coimbra district branch.

I was previously concerned about both obtaining my Fiscal Number and the opening of a bank account. But, as said here, for a non Portuguese speaker I had no issues. Remember here, I entered Portugal on a Friday and by Tuesday afternoon I have both a Fiscal Number and Bank Account set up.