What Will I Forget

What Will I Forget?

Men being men I’m lead to believe by women can’t organise things. Hopefully, my skills will improve and maybe, one day I’ll meet a woman that becomes impressed with my abilities. I must admit that much though needs to go into something as simple as a trip to Portugal. Must buy TEABAGS. Only joking, but the fact is that when one is alone there is no second person to say, did you think of? Hence, if I forget, there is nobody to blame but myself.

So far I’ve considered the car and the fact that it was overdue for a service. That’s rectified and I now have another 18,000 miles before the next oil change is due. The on board computer tells me that the brakes will need changing in 8000 miles and the BMW service agents says about 10K so leave if for now. I took their advice. On inspecting the tyres I found that noway will the rears give me the distance I need without becoming illegal. Given that, I checked the internet to see the price of tyres in Portugal. Horrendous, to say the least so those I shall change before departure. My MOT is not due for another five month but as I could well remain longer than I initially think – two to three month, I may well get that updated so not to develop a problem. The insurance is not an issue as being with Saga, I’m not so limited on time outside the UK.

The ferry is booked and hopefully, this time there will be no issues with a lorry almost removing my rear bumper as was the case last year. Other things I need to do, yes, they are in the pipeline.

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