Who Cares About the Posts

This post is in part due to a reply I receive from someone called David. He sent me a message following my previous post about my inner feelings. Us bloggers don’t always receive much feedback, but on occasions, there is feedback that strikes a chord within the heart and it’s appreciated that a reader would take the time to send a message in reply to our compositions. Not only send a message, but to express appreciation for the writings of us bloggers.

I started this blog for two reasons or maybe even more if I were to analyse why more closely. Perhaps I was a bit of a copy cat and started it because others had created similar blogs based on life in Portugal. I suspect that was the case, but since then, it has become so much more. My reasons matter little these days as ExpatInPortugal is here for the long term and a place where others can develop their dream from, or so I hope. This was the case for me, hence, I decided to chart my journey for others to follow and therefore provide encourage to others. Also, perhaps as a hobby and a way of communicating with the world, plus, cos I love to be mentally stimulated and occupied.

My bloggy story is that before I came to Portugal, I literally became hooked on a few blogs and spent much time on them and felt great disappointment should my next check on their content reveal no new posts. In some respects, these feeling remain. I also followed an assortment of forums related to Portugal. One of these was ExpatsPortugal, where I felt most at home. Unfortunately, this forum is less busy these days but still worth visits and contains content without bitchy replies as often can be the case on forums.

Regards the blogs, two in particular I followed avidly and it’s incredible how friendships can develop via such. First an foremost is Peter’s. Peter is in Vale Boa and his blog is peters valeboa house.blogspot and it remains a place I still visit frequently with hopes of additional content and yes, they keep coming. Peter’s blog is written from the heart and charts his journey over many years and in particular, the development of his home here. It’s a great blog frequently updated as said. At this point, I’ll let it be known that Peter and myself have become true buddies and all through his blog.

Another place I used to visit was emmas house in portugal . A beautifully presented blog which unfortunately has fallen by the wayside as her dreams of Portugal long term became an impossibility but, from what I gather, she has found happiness in other directions. Well done Emma. There where others I followed, but for the most, either things never worked out or the enthusiasm to continue the blog dwindled or became too time consuming.

I started by saying this post was in part due to a reply to my previous posting. A reply from David. It’s an odd thing for someone like myself to sit behind a keyboard and write almost anonymously and at moments wonder how the reader feels about the content. I’ve always written honestly and from the heart and having said that, on a few occasions, thought, do I appear foolish. Is this appropriate for a public audience? Perhaps my questions have been answered in the following.

From a Follower

Just read your post about tears of joy and it more than struck a chord with my wife and I. Like you we both feel very blessed living in this beautiful country. We travelled for 2 months at the end of last year through Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand…. we were so happy to get home and vowed not to travel outside Portugal in 2018. Everywhere is so green after all the rain this year, the reservoirs near you must be full to overflowing. Keep on posting , I enjoy reading about your battles with the plumbing and electrics.

My Reply David